How to take care of the green areas of my community? The best tips

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Green areas are one of the things that stands out in the communities. However, not everyone has knowledge about how to care for green areas, and they need different care so as not to deteriorate. For this reason, in Limpiezas Sil we will give you some basic tips to learn how to take care of the green areas of your community.

Tips to know how to take care of the green areas of your community

1.Don’t litter in green areas

It is one of the simplest things you can do to protect green areas. It is a basic act of citizen culture that many people overlook. These garbage not only deteriorate the appearance of the green areas of our community, but, such accumulation of garbage attracts pests which will cause this space to deteriorate rapidly.

In addition, when there is accumulation of garbage in green areas, a bad smell is also generated. Knowing how to take care of green areas is the goal of your community so that they can prevent this from happening in two ways:

The first, and simplest, is that everyone becomes aware of why they should not litter. One way to do this is to let them see that there are no people cleaning there all the time. Perhaps many people think that it is only a role, if in your community they think so you can ask them to ask them what happens if we all throw the same paper.

The second way to avoid the accumulation of garbage, is installing bins of any material (stainless steel, aluminum or fiberglass). In this way, those who need to throw something while they are or pass through the green zone will do it in the right place. Thanks to these 2 strategies, garbage will not accumulate again and the maintenance of green areas will be easier.


If people continue to throw garbage and affect the cleanliness of communities and green areas, you can create a warning as a corrective method. Some options are: create economic fines or create a special social work in green areas for people who do not want to collaborate with the cause.

2.Pruning urban green areas continuously

Another one of the things that you must keep in mind so that you learn how to take care of the green areas, is to prune each green area of ​​your community. Continuous pruning of these will help you maintain the good image.

Thanks to the fact that you will prune the grass and plants every 15 days or so, you will prevent the urban green areas of the community from having dry, burned or damaged grass. These damages that the grass can suffer are due to climate changes or excessive use of this area.

3.Respect the restricted steps of the green areas

Avoid going through the urban green areas of your community that have some restrictions. In most cases, they do not allow passage there since there are plants that you can cause some damage more easily.

All green areas for children and adults have areas for you to walk and sit without damaging them. You respect these boundaries even if you have to walk a little longer to reach your destination.

Whenever you take your pet for a walk, avoid losing sight of it. On many occasions animals can cause damage to the plants in the urban green areas of your community when passing between the plants. This is because they do not know how to take care of the green areas, to avoid this you just have to accompany it so that you do not allow the pass through where the delicate plants are.

4.Water and maintain proper green areas

All plants need specific care. For this reason, to know how to take care of the green areas of your community you must know what the specific care of the plants they need.

Based on this, you can program the sprinklers to water them continuously. In case you do not have this tool in your community, we recommend that you water the plants at night if it is summer.

Otherwise, if it is winter, you should water them during the day since if you do it at night the water will freeze due to the low temperatures. This freezing will cause the roots to begin to crystallize making the plant more vulnerable.


Why water the green areas at night during the summer?

In summer the plants are more exposed to the sun’s rays, which causes greater evaporation. Watering the plants at night will also help you save water. This is because the water does not evaporate as in the day. Because of this, the plant will absorb all the water you pour, unlike when you water it during the day.

In addition, if you water the green areas during the day the water will act as a magnifying glass on the leaves and the ground. For this reason, instead of taking care of the plants you will be deteriorating them.

1.Includes planting more plants in your green areas project

How to take care of green areas? Sow plants continuously. In this way, your community will have all types of green throughout the year. In addition, if you sow continuously you can easily replace a plant that dies or is too old and can cause some damage.

Remember that planting activities in the community help to create environmental awareness and for everyone to learn how to care for green areas.

2.Hire a professional company for the maintenance of green areas

Knowing how to take care of green areas requires extensive knowledge and also, carrying out these tasks takes a lot of time. For this reason, the easiest way to carry out the care of green areas is to hire professionals.

They already have all the knowledge of each plant that I could have in the green area of ​​your community. In addition, being professionals they have specialized machinery that allows them to maintain gardens and green areas in less time and with a successful finish.

Knowing how to take care of green areas will allow you to enjoy pleasant spaces in sight that will help you reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, they are a natural source of oxygen that will help improve the air quality of your community.