Everything you need to know to hire a community court cleaning service

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The cleaning of community yards is of vital importance for the neighborhood communities. This is one of the causes of great discussions in the community. For this reason, one of the most requested services is the cleaning of community yards.

The common areas of the buildings need different materials and cleaning techniques to have an impeccable finish. The best option to make your patio floor gleaming and clean is to hire a good cleaning company.

So that you have the best patio cleaning in your community, in Limpiezas Sil we will explain what you should consider to hire this service.

Aspects to consider when hiring a community court cleaning service

1.Define how often courtyards will be cleaned

Establishing how often you want yard cleaning to take place is key. This is because it is not the same to hire a cleaning company to do the cleaning every day, once a week, once a month or only 2 times a year.

To have a clean patio in your community it is recommended to carry out cleaning once or twice a week. However, as in this case many more people travel, we recommend that you request the cleaning service on a weekly basis.

If the cleaning is not done by a professional if not the people of the community it is recommended that you hire a cleaning company to do the deep cleaning of the communal areas at least 2 times a year.

2.Choose playground cleaning companies

We recommend that you select approximately five companies that you think will provide you with quality service. To choose them, you can review the opinions of their customers, you can ask your acquaintances for recommendations and you can check their positioning on Google.

When you check its website you can look at the experience that the company has and how it is within the sector and, if possible, ask for a budget so you can compare and stay with the one that gives you everything you need at the best price and that you Guarantee the best results.

3.Request a cleaning budget for your community patio

Once you have chosen the companies that trust you the most and call you the most attention, you can request the community cleaning budget. In this one, you will be able to know in more detail how the service will be provided and if they offer you what is necessary to carry out a good job. The following must be specified in the budget:

➡ Materials

In the budget sent to you they must explain the materials they will need to carry out the cleaning of the patio. These will depend on the material of your community yard. At this point, you can check the quality of the materials they use.

Remember, the quality of the cleaning elements that you use will affect the results of the yard cleaning. This is because, if they use a poor quality product, they will not be able to properly perform the integral cleaning that you requested, no matter how good their cleaning staff is.

material-para- limpieza-de-patios

In cleaning, products are essential to achieve the desired results. Some materials that they will implement are pressure washers, cleaning products for your yard such as lavandina, bicarbonate, ammonia, hoses, hard bristle brush, brooms, dustpan, gloves and goggles, will be necessary and should take them into account.

➡ Areas to clean

In the budget that they offer you, you must find the description of the space that the company is going to clean. Here, you will find the square meters that has the cleaning of patios that you request. In addition, they will describe whether access to it is easy or difficult. According to the degree of difficulty I could vary the price.

➡ Staff

It is very important that you know the amount of people that the company will send to clean the yards. On many occasions, they will also describe the experience that the work team assigned to you has.

In this regard, they could also give you the basic data of the people who will be cleaning the communities in your building to prevent strangers from posing as employees of your company. In this way, cleaning companies help you take care of your safety.

➡ Number of hours

This is one of the most important points when we talk about the home cleaning service. This is because the amount of time the work team they send will spend is what will have the greatest impact on the budget.

In the home cleaning budget of community yards, they will give you an approximate time. They may vary a little more or a little less. This not only serves to determine the price of cleaning, it will also help the community to know when it is preferable not to travel through the area, since they will probably be using very strong cleaning products.

➡ Payment method

Another aspect that can not be missing in your budget is the payment method. This is very important, since it is the way in which the cleaning company will clarify what the valid payment methods are.

In addition, this will allow you to know if you have any discount on each form of payment, how often you must make the payment (monthly, annually, after each service, etc.) and if there are offers.


➡ Company data

There will be a small section in which you will be able to know the basic contact details and location of the cleaning company with which you want to hire the service. In addition, you can see other legal information such as the company name with which they are registered and the NIF number.

➡ Customer data

Also, your data will be included. This will allow things to happen when it comes to providing the service, so that the work team does not arrive at the right place because they had the wrong address. If you decide to hire the service with that cleaning company, the budget is the perfect way to check that the data they have is correct.

In addition, putting customer data in the budget is a way to show that it is personalized. That is, everything is directed only to the needs of the patio floor of your community of neighbors and not to other facilities.

➡ Date

The yard cleaning budget will include the date it was issued because prices may change if it takes too long to hire your service.