Everything you need to know about the cleaning of elevators in a community

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Elevator cleaning is a fundamental task in all communities because their buttons tend to be infected with pathogens. In addition, every time we leave our building we must use the elevator, which is why it is one of the busiest areas of the community. Due to all this, dirt accumulates easily in the elevator car.

In Sil Cleanings we know that cleaning the walls, doors, floor and elevator buttons can be a complex and necessary task for the entire community. By carrying out the elevator cleaning procedure we will avoid fighting in the community and take care of our health.

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The best thing you can do is to hire professionals in the cleaning of communities to perform the cleaning of elevators. In this way, you will be sure that they will remain impolite in a short time since people who are specialized in this task know the system that elevators have and know what is the best way to clean them.

There are many cleaning companies that provide this service. For this reason, we will explain everything you need to know so you can acquire the best service.

Determine the frequency and time of elevator cleaning

Before hiring professional cleaning companies you should determine with your community how often they want the elevators cleaned. The most recommended is daily or three times a week, a basic toilet is done and the buttons and other components of the elevator are cleaned.

However, on some occasions cleaning of the elevator must be carried out even if it has not been spent a day after cleaning. For example, an emergency cleaning can be when there is a move. In this case, it is recommended that the elevator be cleaned that same afternoon as moving so many objects there is more dirt.

Remember that if an elevator goes without cleaning for a long time, it may start to work incorrectly. Some things that may malfunction due to dust are the buttons or the door rail. These, having grooves accumulate dust easily and this causes them to clog, therefore, the elevator may not close properly or the button may not work when pressed.

In all buildings, regardless of whether they are homes or offices, there are specific hours in which more people travel. In your community they must detect these hours and request the cleaning of elevators in the moments that there is less transit of neighbors. This will allow cleaning to be done better and last longer.

Items to be cleaned and materials that are needed to do the elevator cleaning

All parts of your elevator need cleaning, however, there are some that have a higher priority than others because they accumulate more dirt. In the cleaning of elevators, the minimum that will be needed to have a good result are buckets, microfiber rags, vacuum cleaner, broom, dustpan, mop and some product to clean stainless steel or any other material that your elevator is made of.

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➡ Floors: The elevator floors are one of the first things we have to clean. Hundreds of people get wet every day, and mud or dust on their shoes. To clean the floors of your elevator, you must first sweep or vacuum, then according to the material from which this must use a suitable product to clean it.

➡ Mirrors: We have all accidentally touched and left our footprints in the mirrors. In communities this happens frequently. The professional responsible for cleaning elevators will use a product specialized in cleaning glass with a fiber cloth to remove all stains that the mirrors may have.

➡ Walls and doors: The walls and doors of the elevators are mostly made of stainless steel. This material needs some care to look bright and pristine. The basic rule to remove grease stains or fingerprints that may have the walls and doors of stainless steel is to rub with a microfiber cloth soaked with vinegar or a special cleaning product for this material.

➡ Buttons and lights: These elements of our elevators are the ones that accumulate the most dirt and the most delicate. For this reason, if we do not do a proper cleaning, they can be damaged. To clean them, the simplest solution is to use a damp cloth.

➡ Rails: As we mentioned earlier, when cleaning elevators it is essential to clean the rails since, if these are not cleaned, the doors cannot be closed. The most recommended when cleaning them is to use a brush and then vacuuming so that all dust or mud particles that may have accumulated in it are removed.

➡ Pit: Although this area is not visible to the community, it requires a slightly different cleaning compared to the other parts of the elevator. On many occasions, a lot of dirt and debris falls into the space between the floor and the door. To clean these areas, specialized personnel in the cleaning of elevators are needed, in this way many accidents will be avoided.

How to choose the ideal cleaning services company for my community?

To choose the best elevator cleaning company, the first thing you should do is consult several companies and ask for the budget that has most caught your attention. To choose it you must take into account that they have experience, that you see positive comments from other people about the company and that they offer you a budget based on your needs.

When you compare the quotes, check who will give you the best value for money. This you can know by the number of people who will send to perform the cleaning of elevators, the number of hours they will spend and the quality of the materials they use.